Kinetic Air Release Valve 1″

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Designed to extract trapped air in pipes, filters, tanks or any other similar equipment which must work without the presence of air.


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Kinetic Air Release Valve 1″

The kinetic air release valve performs two functions:

  • Extracts trapped air in pipes as they fill. When water reaches the inside of the valve the float rises and closes the outlet.
  • Prevents pipe collapse. If depressurisation happens the float drops opening the outlet and allowing air to enter the pipes destroying the vacuum and returning atmospheric pressure to the inside of the pipe.

1″ Male BSP  inlet connection – 3/4″ Female outlet

This can also used in pipelines to avoid siphoning. Once the pressure drops in the line, the valve opens and lets air back into the pipe, breaking the siphoning action.

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Product Description

Designed to efficiently extract the air trapped in pipes, filters, tanks and other places where unwanted air might cause performance problems.
Owing to a perfect fit, the valve is totally sealed even at very low pressures.
Its neck features a built-in filter to prevent undesired objects, such as insects or leaves, from getting into the valve.
Due to its exclusive inner design, the float is not dragged up by the air stream. The body and base are made of fibre-glass reinforced poly-amide and treated for protection from UV radiation.

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