Murphy 24T – 24 Hour Timer

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The 24T (24 hour) time switch is enclosed in a NEMA 4 weatherproof enclosure. A hinged, gasketed cover and 1/2 NPT conduit connection allow for a dust-tight installation. The enclosure includes a clasp and eye for a padlock to prevent unauthorised operation.

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24 hour timer (24TM)
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Murphy Time Switches can automatically start or stop engines or electrical motors after a pre- determined time. These time switches can be wired for a open or closed circuit when time expires. They require no electrical current to operate and have an SPDT contact arrangement. A built-in stop prevents overwinding.

Murphy Time Switches are designed for use in the oil field, irrigation systems or anywhere equipment must operate or be controlled for a predetermined time.

Mounted on a post or in a panel away from vibration and shock, these time switches give accurate, long term service.