Murphy RP Solenoid (RP2309B)

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RP2309B can pull 17 pounds (75 N) with a 1-1/2 in. (38 mm) stroke.

They hold up to 35 pounds (155 N) at full voltage, continuous duty.

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RP Solenoid (12v DC) (RP2309B)
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The Murphy RP Solenoid provides a single unit versatility for engine applications, such as engine shutdown.

Working on the same principle as the rack puller in so much as an electrical signal triggers the physical pull/push shut down of a fuel rack of the injection pump to a stop or ‘no fuel’ position.

One solenoid offers pull/push operation.

The RP Series has no internal switches, reduces coil burnout and reduces adjustments while boosting reliability. The solenoid offers high force in its small size.

It can be used with most engines’ start systems.

12v DC voltage is normally available as a stock item.

All models come complete with return spring and rubber seal boot.