Komet 163 Sprinkler

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Komet 163
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The Komet 163 medium volume sprinkler is suitable for versatile use in general field irrigation on solid-set and mechanised irrigation systems such as travellers. Changing from part circle to full circle operation is easy by adjusting the part circle stops.
The Komet 163 sprinkler shows good performance in windy conditions.
Long wear life, high performance, proven design and maintenance free operation are among other its outstanding features.

Suitable for direct mounting onto a 1 1/2″ Tripod with 1 1/2″ Tricoflex hose

This sprinkler features on the RM Speedy Rain 505 model and various applications where a fairly large throw is required.

Nozzle Range 8-16mm – Flow Range 5-25m³/hour – Pressure range 2-6 bar – Throw range 19.5 – 34.5 metres – All data dependent on flow/pressure available.

See PDF performance sheet: Komet 163

About the manufacturer:

Decades of experience in the wide field of sprinkler irrigation applications, combined with a superior know-how in production have
placed Komet products among the top internationally. Starting with choice materials and applying the latest technology in manufacturing, we achieve the high quality and reliability of the Komet sprinklers. Our product line ranging over a wide array of sprinklers up to the big volume water guns
offers solutions to irrigation applications worldwide. A team of specialists are working constantly on developing innovative products
to meet changing irrigation requirements in the years to come.



  • Part circle/Full circle
  • Nozzle sizes 8 - 16mm
  • 8mm standard nozzle supplied
  • Supplied with a Jet breaker