Murphy Throttle Controller (AT03069)

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Automatically controls the engine speed according to the systems needs and requirements, therefore reduces running costs and engine wear and tear.

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Throttle Controller (AT03069)
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The AT03069 Murphy throttle controller is a completely reliable heavy-duty device developed specifically to automatically control engine speed to meet system demand.

Low current, high torque, solid-state switching and an electronic clutch make it ideal for all automatic and semiautomatic engine systems.

Used with the appropriate Murphy Swichgage® near constant pressure, level and load can be maintained.

Speed changes are made slowly and smoothly.

The device saves fuel, engine wear, horsepower and labour.

One model can be used with both 12- and 24-VDC systems.


  • Voltage: 11-28 VDC negative ground.
  • Maximum Current: 500 mA (1/2 amp).
  • Standby Current: Approx. 7 mA.
  • Increase and Decrease: Inputs float at approx. 8.4 VDC. Grounding inputs causes 8-18 mA of current to flow from either.
  • Torque: 25 inch pounds.
  • Sealed limit switches: Factory adjusted, controls maximum travel.
  • Linkage adjustment on lever arm—5 holes: Adjusts travel: 1-3/16 in. (30 mm); 1-11/16 in. (43 mm); 2 in. (51 mm); 2-1/4 in. (57 mm) approximately. Travel Time: 11 to 20 seconds depending on the voltage and force applied.
  • Typically used to maintain pump pressure when using more than one irrigator
  • Dual voltage - may be used with 12/24v systems
  • Should be used with OPLC-DPCO switchgauge